How to choose outdoor tables and chairs


The small garden of summer wind autumn color, the outdoor terrace of light foot of far distance, did not know everybody had thought to place a few outdoor tables and chairs in this small garden? Put some outdoor tables and chairs can enjoy the warmth of the sun at any time, but also comfortable to enjoy the outdoor scenery, in order to appreciate these beautiful scenery.

It is not a simple thing to choose outdoor tables and chairs. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, we should pay more attention to the material. Long placed in the outdoor baptism of wind and rain, we must pay attention to corrosion resistance and anti-aging, but also easy to take care of. Imitation rattan tables and chairs made up for true rattan is not easy to take care of, can not be put in the shortcomings of outdoor. Imitation rattan tables and chairs can be highly plastic, and the effect of the appearance of rattan tables and chairs, the same as the weaving effect, but the color and shape are more than true rattan, and it is easier to take care of outdoors.

The combination of cold iron and soft rattan, rigid and soft, especially suitable for outdoor use. The furniture of cany iron most outstanding is hanging basket, rocking chair. Rattan iron chair will not be too heavy and the sound of crunch, when choosing rattan iron table and chair should pay attention to whether the welding point is firm, whether the interface of the rattan surface. Good rattan iron table and chair welding point is smooth and solid, and the surface of the rattan is also feel smooth, no stubble.

The metal tables and chairs are hot products all the time, especially in the summer, sitting on the metal chair to feel the iron ice cool, summer is also a very cool thing. Metal tables and chairs are mainly out of iron or steel, especially they are with elegant patterns or ornament style. Its strong sense of art brings a rare scenery to the courtyard and terrace. Iron tables and chairs in the production process, will be in addition to oil, impurities, rust removal and rust prevention treatment, when selecting the table and chair must pay attention to whether the surface is smooth, but also pay attention to whether after moisture-proof treatment. Choose outdoor tables and chairs that are suitable for you and don't feel financial pressure while enjoying life.

Post time: Dec-31-2021